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Pinterest is an image sharing social network that is available both in web version and in downloadable applications for Windows Phone, iOS and Android. There are also extensions on Microsoft Edge and Chrome. It is widely used by users who enjoy sharing their tastes on the web with other users – cooking, fashion and design, for example. It’s kind of like a mix between Instagram and Twitter, but with no filters and no character limit, and with a very attractive look.


On mobile devices, Pinterest is also very complete and looks very similar to web editing, making it easy to use. You can jump, play, view the contents of your friends’ pins within the application itself, as well as bookmark people and receive notifications. To download Pinterest, both in iOS and Android, the operation is very good and there are no big differences between the versions.

Basically, in the mobile versions, Pinterest has five menu options: Home, where the pins you follow are displayed; Search by categories; Add pins (with photos of the phone); Notifications and Profile, plus icons for adding friends and editing settings. All of this is free and in English. If you’re already a user of this social network on the web and like to follow updates at all times, download Pinterest in the mobile edition to keep up with what your friends are posting.


The goal of Pinterest is simple: to share the most varied subjects with images, links to sites or even photos you have taken yourself. Its mechanics is quite simple: the user has to create panels (boards) where to categorize their posts (like Facebook albums). Then, you start «fucking» whatever you find most interesting for these boards. Users in general can enjoy, share and follow the boards and pins.

For pinning, you can post a direct link on Pinterest or install a plugin with your browser button (web version only) and then just click it when you are on a page you want to share. In addition, there is also a «repopulate» function, when the user «recompiles» something that a friend has posted and is widely used.


If you use Pinterest on your computer, you can be sure that the mobile version of the site is an excellent option for accessing the social network anywhere on your smartphone or tablet, we remind you that you can download Pinterest for Android and iOS. With an interface and functionalities very similar to those of the web edition, the application works very well on the most varied devices.

You can browse content directly from mobile browsers, share the photos you take with your mobile phone or tablet, search for content that interests you, view the news feed with updates from your friends, create murals and much more. In other words, it’s a full version of Pinterest resized to your mobile gadget’s screen.

Its performance is very good, it offers the best features of Pinterest, with a very simple and beautiful interface, which also makes the program easy to use. The addition of location data is also a very interesting feature and a positive differential for the application.

Therefore, if you are a Pinterest user on the web and have not yet downloaded its application to your smartphone or tablet, do it now. If you are not familiar with Pinterest, it is a general site for sharing images and content that works like this: when you see something that interests you, you «pinch» it in a forum, i.e. send it to a certain album, and your friends see it in their feeds.


Interface very similar to the web version
Possibility of pinning by browser
Available in Portuguese
Full access to service features


It does not have all the features of the Web version

Baixar Pinterest para Android

Developer: Pinterest
Price: Free

Baixar Pinterest para iOS

Developer: Pinterest
Price: Free


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